LeBron James Watches Kyrie Irving Practice Jumper Following Loss (VIDEO)

by December 18, 2014

Following a dispiriting 127-98 loss Wednesday night to the visiting Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers All-Stars Kyrie Irving and LeBron James stayed late at the arena.

James looked on as Irving worked on his jumpshot for nearly an hour with a few helpers.

Kyrie only managed 9 points and six assists in the defeat.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

LeBron James, in an out-of-character moment, snapped at a reporter for always asking negative questions after asking LeBron if he was embarrassed by the loss. The reporter was merely following up on (David) Blatt’s opening statement, but LeBron didn’t know that at the time.


“Getting good looks, just got to knock them down for the team,” Irving said after his session. “It’s frustrating for myself when I’m getting the looks I want to get and they’re rattling in and out or I’m being lazy with my jump shot. I just have to figure it out. Tonight getting extra shots up, it’s just something I felt I needed to do.”


Irving also grew testy when someone asked if he or the coaches noticed any change in his shooting form. “Let’s not go deep into my jump shot,” he said. “I’m the basketball player and you guys just watch. It’s very meticulous when it comes to jump shooting. The coaches can’t really do anything, it’s got to come from me knocking down open looks.”