Letter Winners: Landon Collins (VIDEO)

Acknowledging the influence of basketball in the lives of athletes from other major sports.
by February 08, 2016
Landon Collins

Renowned barber Terrance “Toot” Collins is a forward thinker. He has a barber app called Hair Hustlers and he makes house calls, so this was a very unique opportunity to get an exclusive story. Landon Collins of the New York Giants welcomed me into his home, and we immediately clicked due to his cool disposition and southern hospitality. He was playing GTA online with some friends from back home in New Orleans, so I browsed his sneaker collection, and asked a few questions about the strong defenses of the Super Bowl contenders, playing for Nick Saban, and the art of making a good Louisiana gumbo.

The conversation shifted to basketball. He expressed that he would be attending his first Knicks game soon, and that he was really looking forward to the experience. I asked what his connection to the sport was, and he answered, “my favorite player is Kobe Bryant.” That was music to my ears, and I told him I would follow up once we began filming the interview. Watch it in full up top.

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