Links: NBA Finals Diary, Day 7

by Lang Whitaker

Wednesday! And just a few hours after last night’s Game Three, it was time to return to The Stapler and to let all the media give the players a hard time. Once again, I declined to do the media room and instead took my camera out to the court to see what was popping.

The answer? Not much. Tons of media members, two dozen players. And today the guys were even more worn out than in Boston. The most interesting thing was that after I posted that video the other day, Big Baby apparently saw it online and took offense to Tony Allen’s report of dunking on him. Tony told me about this last night at the game, so today I decided to give Big Baby a chance to set the record straight. And set it straight he does. (While Gabe Pruitt does his best to stay the heck out of it.)

After practice, on the shuttle back to the hotel, a debate broke out about the hotness of various female celebrities. I was just saying that I wasn’t a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker, and then Khalid, Jemele Hill and John Hollinger and I got into a discussion about which celebrities are overrated and which are rated correctly. I then came up with the greatest idea of the Finals thus far: John Hollinger is known for creating the PER statistic, a way to quantify and rank the contributions of every basketball player on a single scale.

What if, I proposed, Hollinger developed a similar scale to rank the beauty of female celebrities. John immediately suggested calling it the Hotness Efficiency Rating, and I pointed out we could abbreviate it to the H.E.R. I’m sure Hollinger’s working on this as I write.

Got back to the hotel and Jemele and I rode over to In-N-Out and got lunch, and then I needed a nap. Woke up and slapped this video together…