Metta World Peace Fighting Against Animal Abuse (VIDEO)

Having partnered with PETA, Metta World Peace is promoting a campaign that urges everyone to speak up against the abuse and neglect of animals. Per MWP’s website (via BDL): “Sitting protectively with his canine pals Stella and Athena, Metta World Peace is the star of a brand-new larger-than-life PETA billboard that proclaims, ‘Report Animal Abuse—Guard the Home Team,’ from the top of the group’s Bob Barker Building on Sunset Boulevard. The new campaign, which comes as summer temperatures are skyrocketing, includes an appeal from Metta for everyone to recognize that leaving dogs in hot cars—even in the shade with the windows open a crack—is abuse. He also urges people who see a dog in a hot car never to leave the area until the animal is safe. ‘It’s basic love that animals bring to your household,’ he says. ‘It’s something that only animals can do.'”