NBA Pre-Draft Tour: Karl-Anthony Towns Shooting Workout (VIDEO)

by June 25, 2015

Karl Anthony-Towns has stroke.

Those who arrived late to the party may not know that, though. Attempting just 8ย three pointers throughout his freshman campaign at Kentucky, the 7-footer didn’t have the chance to showcase the J that he was known for throughout his high school career because that wasn’t what the Wildcats needed him to do.

With his college days behind him and the madness of being the potential No. 1 pick ahead, he set aside time between two engagements to invite us over to the Joe Craft Center to check out a quick shooting workout.

Starting off with bombs from well beyond the NBA line, Towns looked over and said “See, I can still shoot.”

Grinning ear to ear, he effortlessly drilled jumper after jumper. The ease at which he shot the ball from 23 feet and beyond was simply amazing for any player, much less a center. It left the mind thinking of the endless possibilities of how whatever team lands Towns will ultimately use him in pick and pop situations, or as a trail big man. Any way that you look at it, it’s safe to say that the Jersey native will be shooting a lot more threes in the League than heย did in Lexington.

For good measure, we tossed in a video of Karl shooting the lights out at various events throughout his high school career so you can see how things translate to game situations.

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