Nick Young Credits Soulja Boy For His Hot Shooting

In short, Soulja Boy has been wildin’. The rapper has been all over social media due to his beef with Chris Brown and a recent interview where he explains, with unintentional hilarity, a home invasion. Soulja, who refers to guns as “Dracos,” went viral thanks to the #SouljaBoyChallenge and now Lakers swingman Nick Young is crediting the “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” rapper for inspiring L.A.’s play.

Young doubled up his scoring average from last year and is currently putting up 14.8 points per night while shooting a career-best 47.7 percent from the field and 44.9 percent from three. Following the Lakers’ 116-102 win over the Grizzlies on Tuesday, Swaggy P credited his hot shooting to the “Draco Soulja effect:”

“Just sharing the ball, playing as a team,” Young said. “It’s the Draco Soulja effect. And we just passing the ball and having fun. Enjoying the game.”

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