Shaq Responds to his Twitter Beef with JaVale McGee

by March 02, 2017
Shaquille O'Neal

The beef between Shaquille O’Neal and JaVale McGee reached a level that none of us thought it would–Mrs. McGee and Mrs. O’Neal had to get involved. After things got kinda ugly on Twitter last week, McGee’s mother and Shaq’s mother both said that it was time for the Big Aristotle to stop going after JaVale.

On tonight’s opening of Inside the NBA, Ernie Johnson asked Shaq about how everything was going. Here’s part of the what the Hall of Famer said:

“It didn’t get out of hand. But my mother, is someone I love and respect, she told me to stop it and don’t bring it up again so I’m not going to talk about it ever again. 

Watch the full video above to see Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith chime in about Kevin Durant’s involvement.

Video courtesy of Ximo Pierto