by February 12, 2008

After over a decade of absence from SLAM’s editorial breakdown, we’re excited to re-introduce the “Skillz” section back into our arsenal. “Skillz” was a featured section in very early editions of SLAM where NBA players explained fundamental drills to readers. Having long since vacated space in our magazine, we decided that there would be no better place to bring it back than our wesbite. Via visual technology, our director, Matt Sheridan and myself are pleased to bring you SLAM Presents: Skillz as a video series on our website.

For our first installment, “Aki” Collins, assistant coach at Fairfield U., and two of his players (Jon Han & Herbie Allen, both of Brooklyn) showed us a number of drills that will help improve your ball handling skills. Hopefully, we’ll be able to bring a new “Skillz” video on a new skill, with a new team on a monthly basis.

Enjoy and remember only “perfect practice makes perfect.”

-Matt Caputo