Spurs Beat Warriors In Double OT (VIDEO)

by May 07, 2013

The term “instant classic” gets thrown around and abused way too often these days, but the second game of that caliber in this year’s Playoffs (see Bulls-Nets Game 4) went down last night. Steph Curry and his Golden State Sharpshooters, err Warriors, were minutes away from making a huge statement in Game 1 of this Western Conference semifinal series. Then all of a sudden, the shots that Golden State had soaked the net with all night started getting cozy with the rim and backboard instead. The Spurs, champions as they are, seized the opportunity to get back into the game. One epic comeback and two overtimes later, the Spurs inspired another “instant classic”ā€”a Playoff edition Maximillion “Finish to Remember” mix for your viewing pleasure.