Stephen Curry Joins Chris Paul in Latest State Farm Ad (VIDEO)

by April 18, 2014

Picking up where the campaign left off, Cliff and Chris Paul are back with their youngins in this new commercial, just in time for the 2014 NBA Playoffs. Check the details from State Farm’s press release:

“Future of the Assist” centers on the important task of inspiring the next generation of great assisters, picking up where the campaign’s previous outing, “Heritage of the Assist,” left off. Having explored the history of the assist in “Heritage,” “Future” finds Chris and Cliff Paul intent on passing down the ways of the assist to Lil Chris and Lil Cliff. The two younger Pauls, both played by Chris Paul Jr., prove themselves to be true prodigies. Lil Chris earns attention for his signature “alley-oop de doop,” and Lil Cliff begins insuring tree-houses from his own State Farm “branch.”
The spot ends with a special “Cliffhanger” cameo from Stephen Curry, the record-breaking point guard for the Golden State Warriors. Curry appears with a man who may be his own long lost twin, suggesting that a little assist goes a long way, no matter where it comes from.