Stephen Curry on Nasty Game 4 Fall: ‘I’ll Be Fine’ (VIDEO)

by May 26, 2015

The Golden State Warriors suffered a 128-115 loss Monday night to the desperate Houston Rockets, but they were relieved that Stephen Curry wasn’t more seriously injured after taking a nasty spill.

The MVP was able to re-join the action, and reported after the game that he expects to be just fine going forward.

Curry scored 12 of his 23 points after the fall in the Game 4 loss.

Per the Contra Costa Times:

“I felt like R. Kelly in that video where the angels carried him away,” Curry said, playfully making his body limp to re-enact the scene. “It felt like I was in the air forever.”


The Warriors’ hopes were suspended in the air right along with Curry after he tumbled while trying to block the shot of Trevor Ariza. And as Curry crashed to the floor — landing on his back, bouncing his head — so crashed the franchise’s championship aspirations. […] But Curry got back up. After a few minutes on the hardwood — with trainers, teammates, the nervous tension in the Toyota Center hovering over him — he was helped up and walked off under his own power. At the 5:58 mark of the third quarter, he was back in the game.


He, too, was wondering if he should even go back out there. He said he never pressed the doctors to let him back in, just patiently waited for the examinations to play out and see where he stood. […] “I was taking my time to be honest with you,” Curry said. “Because I wanted to make sure I was OK and not put myself in danger for the rest of the series if it wasn’t right for me to go back out there. … Obviously I wanted to play. But I wanted to make sure the process was gone about the right way so there would be no second-guessing once I got back on the floor.”