Stephen Curry: ‘There’s an Art’ to James Harden Drawing Fouls

by May 14, 2018

Stephen Curry says that James Harden has mastered the art of making refs blow the whistle whether he’s fouled or not.

And Curry knows the Rockets will target him defensively in the Western Conference Finals, hoping to switch him onto to both Harden and Chris Paul.

Both Houston and the Golden State Warriors anticipate a physical and heated series.

Per the SF Chronicle:

The Rockets and Warriors expect the Western Conference finals to get chippy. They almost welcome the simmering feuds and heated exchanges that befit a long-anticipated clash on the brink of the NBA Finals.

“There’s going to be some chippiness, some controversy,” Houston guard James Harden said with a shrug. “What’s the playoffs without that?”

“There’s gonna be some back and forth,” Warriors guard Stephen Curry said. “That’s part of the territory.”