Steve Francis Has Chain Violently Snatched at Rap Concert (VIDEO)

Former NBA star Steve Francis once again got himself in trouble while partying.

The 38-year-old former All-Star had his gaudy chain violently stolen over the weekend, as he stood on stage during a Houston rap concert. (It may be why he wasn’t present for the Rockets’ unveiling of eight “Legends Lockers” Sunday.)

Footage of Francis acting bizarrely in clubs has been littering the web, and of course, there’s the infamous story of Stephen Jackson choking him out during a party.

Per TMZ:

The 38-year-old, 3-time NBA All-Star was onstage with the Sauce Twinz — a Houston rap duo — when someone crept up on the unsuspecting Francis and tried to rip his gold chain right off his neck.


Problem is … the chain didn’t pop — and Francis was dragged down to the floor where the culprit continued to yank on the necklace while the discombobulated NBA star tried to figure out what was going on.


Sources tell us the guy ended up removing the chain from Francis and booked it. […] We’re also told police were NOT called to the scene.