The Bounce In Dwight Howard’s Step

by December 17, 2008

Words by Chris O’Leary

There may not be a whole lot of bounce to Dwight Howard at the moment, but the (really) big man from the Orlando Magic is putting together another campaign (21 points and 14 rebounds per game) that’s larger than his 6-10, 265-lb. frame.

When Howard gets off the chilling list (is it OK for people other than Lang to use that term on this site?) tomorrow night against San Antonio, you’ll be able to check him out in some new kicks.

Adidas has just unveiled the latest addition to its Command and Create line in the TS Bounce Commander.

The shoe sells itself as being all about energy return. The bounce technology is supposed to use its cushioning to return energy back to the athlete, setting them up for the launch of their next step. If this sounds convoluted, check the video again. It breaks it down with a visual aid of Howard going through some workouts in the adidas NBA testing ground.

Across the court from Howard tomorrow night, fellow stripes signee Tim Duncan could be wearing the Bounce Commander as well. In addition to Howard and Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Josh Smith and Michael Beasley will wear the shoes.