Tony Allen Flops to Get Flagrant Foul Called on Manu Ginobili (VIDEO)

Given that he was yanked out of the air by Manu Ginobili, and in a clearly vulnerable position, Tony Allen likely would’ve earned himself free throws and an extra possession regardless. But, TA cleverly made sure to exaggerate the fall to sell the refs on the severity of the foul which helped push Game 2 into overtime. Per the Express-News: “Manu Ginobili’s flagrant foul on Tony Allen in the dying seconds of regulation was perhaps the pivotal play of the game. Allen obviously made a meal of it, holding his head while writhing on the ground despite never having made contact. But that almost seemed poetic justice considering Ginobili has made a career selling such fouls. […] ‘It’s a tough call for the officials,’ Tim Duncan said. ‘I think Tony tried to sell it more than anything. I thought Manu did the right thing, prevented the layup, and you just have to let the referees call what they’re going to call.’ Said Allen, ‘Yes, most definitely (it was flagrant). He cannot pull me out of the air.'”