Tyson Chandler Picked the Lakers Over Golden State

by November 14, 2018

Tyson Chandler chose the Los Angeles Lakers over the Golden State Warriors after securing a buyout from the Phoenix Suns.

“I can only see myself in a Lakers uniform,” says Chandler.

The 36-year-old vows to peacefully co-exist with new teammate JaVale McGee.

Per the LA Times:

“I think it was like five teams and I narrowed it down to two,” Chandler said. “And then I had to do some heavy thinking and praying, and then I can only see myself in a Lakers uniform.”

Chandler said the other finalist in his decision was Golden State.

As he watched the Lakers from afar, Tyson Chandler couldn’t help but be impressed with how well JaVale McGee was playing.

“It’s not about me and him,” Chandler said. “I am not here to take anybody’s job. I am here to try to make the team better. My hope is to make his job easier, so he stays fresh so he can play throughout the year and give us the type of minutes that he’s giving. As well as me. The goal is for us to help each other, not go against each other.”

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