Video: Chris Paul Talks

by March 11, 2009

Edited and produced by Lang Whitaker
Filmed and directed by Konate Primus

Being a star isn’t easy, there’s always a recorder in your face, camera’s snapping shots, people criticizing your every move and decision. It must be a very stressful position to be put in if you don’t have the tools to bring about stardom. Seemingly for CP3, he is well-equipped with the necessary tools to take on the toughest nay Sayers. Undoubtedly, he’s the best point guard in the League and arguably the best Jordan Brand representative since MJ himself. Though Mike Finley has a couple rings, Ray has his as well and Melo has five kicks, CP3 is the only one with such star-like qualities: style, finesse, charisma and charm.

You often hear about how good of a guy CP really is and I don’t know about you guys at home, but I’m a pretty big skeptic — some people call it hate, I just like to judge for myself. But I am here to tell you today this dude really has a glow to him. About two weeks ago, I went out to N.J. to holla at Chris about the new Jordan CP3 II’s and see just how much of nice guy he really is and was not disappointed at all. I’ve compared my sneaker collection with some of the best and not always am I impressed, but CP by far impressed me the most. My kicks collection is slightly above 200 with about 50 in heavy rotation. CP’s is 279 and, due to edits, I had to cut out the part where he says he randomly gives out kicks almost every week just ’cause he knows what it’s like to not be able to afford or have Js.

I want to point out a few things in the video; the silhouette of the shoes CP wears. The 23, the six rings, cp3 I am and CP3II’s all share something — their roots stem from the AJ13’s. The 13’s and Chris have a bit of history together as I recall in a Jordan 23 web commercial, Chris says he had the 13’s in white and blue and were stolen from him and never to be had again. The next thing I want to Point out is more so for performance driven consumers the comfort level is 9 out of 10 built for wide foot people with speed like me. From a style standpoint it’s easy to rock with jeans, sweats or shorts. In my mind, it’s a ‘lil brother to the great Jordan 13’s that were once taken from Chris’s bosom!

The shoe goes on sale March 14, and is priced at a reasonable $118 — specifically requested by Paul because he knows people’s pockets are hurting, and he still wants to give you good quality. So when you see him, thank him or just show him you bought his shoe.