Video: Jim Jones Talks Basketball, Capo and Drake

by April 07, 2011


by Tzvi Twersky | @ttwersky

“Damn, I had no idea Jim Jones’ studio was so close to the office,” was what I was thinking as I walked from the SLAM Dome to the nearby address I was given for Jones.

“Damn, this can’t be the right place,” was what I was thinking as I looked up at the dingy building that supposedly housed Jones.

“Damn, I didn’t know they could fit so much smoke into one graffiti-filled stairway,” was what I was thinking as I climbed the stairs to Jones’ space.

“Damn, this place is kinda nice,” is what I was thinking when the black, steel door popped open and granted me access to Jones’ inner sanctum.

Yeah, I was thinking a lot of damn thoughts a month ago when I went for a quick chat with Jones. And, after watching a few minutes of the Magic play the Knicks on his flat screen, Jim broke down a few things for me in his comfortable albeit dimly lit studio.

In the video above, watch Jones talk about basketball (“My game is like fine wine.”; “Eminem might be like Kobe.”), his new album—which is on sale now!—Capo (“It’s a little aggressive, but we got some radio tracks in there.”) and his upcoming mixtape (tentatively titled The Rush)