Video: John Wall Wizards Workout and Interview

by June 18, 2010

Video and words by Abe Schwadron / @abe_squad

When the media was allowed in for the last 10 minutes of John Wall’s hour-long individual workout with the Wizards, he looked exhausted. Apparently, though, he had enough left in the tank to throw down a windmill dunk that most people in attendance — including Andray Blatche — could only dream about, eliciting giggles from a crowd of grown men.

Afterwards, Wall was asked about his dance, his sneakers, and his jumper at a makeshift press conference with more than 50 media members in attendance. One brave soul even inquired about his interactions with Gilbert Arenas, to which Wall replied that the two have chatted briefly via Blackberry Messenger. Naturally.

Among the other name-drops were Allen Iverson (Wall’s idol growing up), Rajon Rondo (in reference to running the pick-and-roll), Stephen Strasburg (yes, Wall’s aware of the city’s other No. 1 pick), President Obama (they have a HORSE challenge to settle), LeBron and Derrick Rose (guys whose game he enjoys).

For the most part, Wall looked relaxed and focused Thursday. He rarely cracked a smile during the 20 minutes that he fielded questions, though it was hard to tell if that was because he was all business, or because he was just bored. With most of the Wizards’ brass on hand, including owner Ted Leonsis and GM Ernie Grunfeld, 2010’s top draft pick feels like a formality at this point.

New Mexico’s Darington Hobson, among the hopefuls auditioning for one of the Wizards’ other two draft slots later in the day, openly joked about Wall picking out a house in the DC area. If he hasn’t, he ought to start looking.

Check the video below for highlights from Wall’s workout and media availability:

Abe Schwadron is a basketball fanatic with roots in the DC and Chicago areas, and considers Bullets legend Rod Strickland a personal role model.