Video: Ricky Rubio – Highlights AND Lowlights

by June 09, 2010

by Jeremy Bauman / @gothamhoops13

He has been around since he was 14 and after entering last years NBA Draft and deciding not to come for numerous reasons, as I mentioned in my article, there seemed to be a significantRicky Rubio increase to the amount he had haters here in America.

No matter, though, as he proved doubters wrong this year by starting at point guard at the age of 19 and leading his FC Barcelona to the Euroleague Championship, which fueled discussions about whether this might be the best team in Euroleague history in the process.

But there were some down moments for the youngster that I happened to capture while in attendance of the 10 games that I went to.

But hey, miscues happen in basketball, especially to a 19-year-old kid who is playing the lead guard position in the second best league in the world, right?

That’s just my take, but what’s yours?

As we unleash these two videos, we have a few questions that we are asking our audience: Which Ricky Rubio do you believe in?

Do you feel that when he comes to the L he will look like he does in his highlight video?

Or are you one of the skeptics that believes he will look more like he does in his lowlight video?