Video: Team NIKE Episode 8

by August 03, 2011

Here’s Episode 8 in the chronicles of Dyckman powerhouse Team NIKE. “A Hunger For More” lends its final thoughts on Ooh Way’s dramatic victory over Team NIKE, and ultimately fades into what lies ahead. As reality sets in, Team NIKE reflects on their first loss of the summer. Coach Bingo and his players are using the lessons learned from their loss as a step backwards in order to move forward. With their egos in check and the team hungrier than ever, Team NIKE will try to come out strong tonight against 914. The Boys In Black are determined to build chemistry and still haven’t lost focus on their ultimate goal: winning the Dyckman Championship. Team NIKE’s seventh game of the season is creating more buzz than usual, as a special guest is in town and could very well make an appearance tonight. Catch all the action at Dyckman Park (204 & Nagle) tonight at 8 p.m.