Best of Orlando Summer League (VIDEOS)


Compiled by Eldon Khorshidi

It’s sorta weird to say in mid-July, but yesterday was one of the busiest, most-crammed days of basketball in a long time. The festivities commenced at 8 a.m. EST Friday morning and lasted in full-force for 16-plus hours, traversing into the wee-hours of the night. There were 16 teams, eight games, and hardly any time for breaks. Just ask SLAM Editor-at-Large Lang Whitaker.

As the Las Vegas Summer League got underway—well, for some; dust yourself off and try again, Jimmer!—the Orlando Summer League, which featured eight teams and seven first-round picks from this year’s draft, finished up its five-day season. With three times as many squads competing and an adequate-sized facility to host the games, things will most likely be more lively in Vegas. But that doesn’t mean Orlando didn’t give us a nice look at some of the L’s brightest young talent, and a bunch of highlights to go along with them. Above are the Top 25 plays from the past week in Orlando, featuring appearances from Reggie Jackson, Miles Plumlee, Alec Burks, Justin Holiday, Tyshawn Taylor and a bunch of others. Good stuff, guys.