Video: Vince, Melo Sink Game-Winners

by January 03, 2009

When you think about it, two game winning shots on a night when all 30 teams played isn’t anything out of the ordinary. But that isn’t  reason not to mention them. The first GW of 2009 came courtesy of Vince Carter, who might be earning back just a bit of his Half Man, Half Amazing handle this season (could he be an All-Star?). Watch as Vince calmly sinks a 33-footer jumper as time expires:

The second heroic shot came from Carmelo Anthony’s hot hand. Just after Kevin Durant drained yet another gutsy basket from deep to put the Thunder in the driver’s seat, Melo returns the favor in Desmond Mason’s grill with just 0.1 seconds left on the clock. The Nuggets won as everyone predicted they should have, and the Thunder go home with another moral victory, so to say.

Some may wonder why Jarrett Jack’s go-ahead deuce against the Knicks doesn’t get a mention. Since the game was tied before he made the basket, we’re not including it with the previous cold-blooded plays. Sorry Pacer fans.