WATCH: Carmelo Anthony Explores Soccer Culture in Cuba

by September 02, 2015

New York Knicks superstar forward Carmelo Anthony continues to share his offseason travel adventures with fans on the Web.

Melo, now the proud owner of a pro soccer team, visited Cuba for the first time this summer and took in the rise of The Beautiful Game in that baseball-crazed nation.

Anthony plans to explore the inner cities of places like Havana, Baltimore, San Juan and Brooklyn.

Per VICE Sports:

“I like to get outside the box, I like to tell the stories that nobody else is telling, the stories that aren’t already out there that people can’t search or Google or look up on Youtube or places like that,” Anthony says.


In Havana, Anthony, who recently purchased an expansion North American Soccer League team in Puerto Rico, watched an exhibition between the New York Cosmos and the Cuban national team. He watched a group of teenagers in an indoor match, then watched some of those same kids playing in the street—which is where he got his start as a basketball player.


“If it wasn’t for streetball, I wouldn’t be who I am today,” Anthony observes in the video. He’s a regular tourist in Havana, dancing in the street with buskers, observing a cigar roller, and riding in an antique taxi. And for him, that’s the point. It’s just Anthony living life, pursuing his interests.