WATCH: DeMarcus Cousins Pushes Knicks Security Guard Out of the Way

by March 21, 2016

Kings center DeMarcus Cousins took exception to a security guard making contact with him Sunday night at Madison Square Garden, and pushed the guy off.

Knicks TV analyst Walt “Clyde” Frazier then called Boogie an “open-faced sandwich”, which is perhaps the greatest insult ever uttered.

Cousins finished with 24 points and 20 rebounds, winning his big man battle with Robin Lopez (23 points, 20 boards.)

Per the AP:

Cousins and the Sacramento Kings were looking for a good fight, and without Carmelo Anthony, the New York Knicks couldn’t provide one. […] Cousins had 24 points and 20 rebounds, and the Kings had their best defensive performance of the season Sunday night in an 88-80 victory.


Cousins emerged the winner in a good big-man duel with Lopez, who finished with 23 points and a career-high 20 rebounds. […] “That was a fun battle,” Cousins said. “You really don’t get a chance to see those type of battles with the bigs anymore, it’s so much of a guard game. We battled for a full game so it was a lot of fun.”


Cousins played through his usual frustrations with the officiating and even a security guard, pushing him after he bumped into Cousins while Rajon Rondo was trying to separate his teammate from the officials at midcourt. […] “Actually I think he was trying to remove me from talking to the refs, so he kind of put his hand on my back and tried to move me forward,” Cousins said. “So I don’t think it was that big of an issue, honestly.”