WATCH: Gilbert Arenas and Steve Nash Combine for 96 Points

by September 21, 2016

Gilbert Arenas was one of the NBA’s best gunslingers. The man had no fear, always ready for a duel against anybody foolish enough to try to outscore him. Between 2004-’07, Gil averaged 25 points a night.

Steve Nash was as consistent as any player during the 2000s. By the time he matched up against Gilbert in the video above, he was two MVPs deep, averaging a steady 10.5 assists.

Because it’s the middle of the day during a slow week in the offseason, we had to revisit this matchup from December, 2006, in a game that went to overtime. When the dust settled, Gil had 54 points and 4 assists, in almost 48 minutes of service. Nash finished with 42 points and 12 dimes.

Check out the tape up top. Gil was lethal.

Video courtesy of Al’s Highlight World