WATCH: Kevin Durant Inspired By Chicken Wings in Sonic Ad

by October 30, 2015

Kevin Durant is the star of the latest commercial from Sonic.

The spot is a tongue-in-cheek parody of those all-too-serious ads from Beats by Dre—instead of hearing music, KD is listening to himself daydream about some delicious boneless chicken wings.

Per The Oklahoman:

“OK, KD. Welcome back. It’s time to give it everything you’ve got. It’s time to win. Because you know what happens when you win … You treat yourself to boneless wings at Sonic.


“Win? Wings. Lose? No wings. That’s the deal. You got that? So get out there and play some basketball, score a lot of points and stuff. And if your team scores more points than the other team does? You get the win … with a “gs” on the end of it.


“OK, then bob your head a little so people will think you’re listening to music, and not some weird motivational wing speech.”