WATCH: LeBron James Dunks for the Kids in Manila

Nike is shuttling LeBron James around Asia as part of the “Rise 2.0” campaign. (Peep the Yao Ming cameo appearance!)

LBJ ran up-and-down the court with some kids in Manila, Philippines, casually punching in a few jams.

James says he hopes to inspire the youngsters to rise from adversity through hoops.

Per the AP:

The Cleveland Cavaliers star is the country to mentor finalists of “Rise,” a Nike-sponsored reality TV program aimed at finding young Filipino basketball players, mostly from the countryside, and to hone their talents. […] Coming from humble beginnings and raised by a single mother, James said he can relate to what the “Rise kids” are going through.


“I think my story speaks for itself, you know I was a kid who didn’t believe that I can’t make my dream become a reality, and I know it will take a lot of hard work, a lot of sacrifice and a lot of love,” he said. “I just love the game so much that I won’t let nobody tell me that I couldn’t accomplish something, so I know exactly what a lot of these kids are going through.”


It is James’ second visit to the basketball-crazy Philippines, where nearly every village has a basketball court. The last time he visited two years ago he was still with the Miami Heat.