WATCH: Get To Know Rising Lottery Pick Marquese Chriss

Assuming Marquese Chriss goes in the top-five picks tonight, it will complete as meteoric a rise up Draft boards as any player in recent memory. A year ago, Chriss was a little-known incoming freshman at the University of Washington. A few years before that, he was a…football player?

In a way, Chriss’ relative inexperience has helped his image. After all, teams see an extremely fluid, 6-10, 233-pounder who can rain threes and fly at the rim and say to themselves, How good is this kid going to be when he learns the game?

With so much upside, it says here Chriss made the right move leaving U-Dub after just one underwhelming college season. We caught up with him a couple weeks ago as he prepared for his Landmark Sports pro day, and enjoyed hearing his take on his (still-nascent) career. Watch for yourself and think back on this when he blows up down the road…

Photos by Atiba Jefferson 

Video by Shoot To Kill NYC