Who is Wilson Chandler?

Last week our video general, Matt Sheridan, and I took a last minute ride up to Westchester to kick it with rookie Knick, Wilson Chandler. Seeing as he’s only seen action in 7 games, Chandler, this year’s 23rd overall pick in the draft, we wanted to try and get to know him a little better. Fortunately he needed to get his haircut and invited us to come with.

While his PPG is only at 3.3, the former DePaul forward has been pretty exciting and aggressive in the a little more than 7.5 minutes per game he does play. In fact, on December 21 against the Charlotte Bobcats, Chandler managed to pull down 3 rebounds in only 1 minute of actual court time. In games where he failed to score, he was on the court for a combined six minutes. So basically, because of the advance in NBA technology that allows you to track player stats in every game (pre, regular and post season [which does not apply to the Knicks]) you’ll see Chandler has played pretty well when given the chance.

Even with his cameo appearances this season Chandler says “a lot of people don’t know I’m on the team.” With that, we’d like to introduce you to Wilson Chandler.

– Matt Caputo