Streetball Stocking Stuffer

by December 05, 2008

Just in time for the holidays, my man Dorian Graham hit me up, wanting to give away 10 copies of his dope Streetball DVD, Asphalt Phenoms of New York City…The Lost Years, which focuses on the amazing streetball that was played in the Big Apple during much of the 80’s and 90’s (after the era of Doctor J but before NBATV learned where Rucker Park was).

We reviewed it a little over a year ago in SLAM and here on the site. You can learn more about the DVD at

Anyway, to win the DVD, please answer the quiz, as submitted by Dorian, below the image:

Match the New York star’s playground name with his real name:

1. Conrad McRae

2. Lloyd Daniels

3. Robert Hockett

4. Ronald Matthias

5. Rafer Alston

A. The Terminator

B. The Master

C. Skip to my Lou

D. Sweet Pea

E. McNasty

Usually we run our contests more as essays with subjective answers, but this way works, too. Just put in the comment section the numbers and letters that match. Obviously even if someone above you has gotten it right in your opinion, just copy their answer because we can have 10 winners. I’ll try and monitor it so that as soon as 10 people have answered correctly I can cut off comments…at that point I’ll get your addresses and send you the DVD…whether it be for you or to re-gift to a fan this holiday season. Good luck!