Video: Team NIKE Episode 9

by August 10, 2011

Episode 9 in the chronicles of Dyckman powerhouse Team NIKE takes viewers behind the scenes and into the fire. With a sour taste still lingering after the Ooh Way Records loss, we first take a stroll with Team NIKE big-man Vernon “Vern” Goodridge around his Brooklyn neighborhood, observing all the hard work he puts in off the court. Vern speaks on behalf of his Team NIKE teammates that they’re very confident and are ready to make a statement in their next game against Team 914. But, as we all know, 914 defeated Team NIKE, 80-77.

After NBA superstar Kevin Durant put on historic performances at the legendary Rucker Park and at Nike Pro City, he was obligated to show at Dyckman. To conclude his New York City streetball tour, Durant suited up alongside the Boys in Black. With everyone still in awe of The Durantula during warmups, another big-time name, Michael Beasley, surprised the park when he arrived reppin’ a Team 914 uniform. Before the game begins, Coach Bingo briefs Durant with Team NIKE’s game plan: in-your-face press defense and run the floor for easy buckets. But despite all the hoopla surrounding Team NIKE, Aaron “The Problem” Williams, Beasley and Geoff “The Bully” McDermott go to work and take the early lead for the Westchester representatives. Team NIKE slowly crawls back into the game behind the offense of Keydren “Kee Kee” Clark, Allan “Shep” Sheppard and Durant. The game begins to go back and forth until Beasley and a rowdy heckler get into it, with Beasley taking physical action. In the end, all is well for B-Easy and Team 914 as they secure the win despite Durant’s game-high 35 points.

After the loss, tempers flare once again, as the once “invincible” Team NIKE loses for the second straight week. Were they all hype? Are they merely “streetball” players with a limited skill-set and no team chemistry? Only time will tell. But if Team NIKE still wants to acheive its ultimate goal—winning the Dyckman Championship—they better pick it up now. A sense of urgency will be essential in the Dyckman Playoffs, which begin this Thursday (August 11) at 8:15 p.m. For Team NIKE, it’s time to go hard or go home.