The SLAM Rewind Series Tipoffs With Full Reprint of Issue 32

As far as icons go, Allen Iverson is… Allen Iverson. He’s pound for pound. He shifted defenses with a crossover that hadn’t been seen before. He shifted the masses with an authenticity that hadn’t been seen before. But his story has been told over and over and if you know anything about SLAM, you know how much he means to this side.

That’s why we’re beginning the SLAM Rewind Series, the first ever full reprint of an entire issue of SLAM, with issue 32–“Soul on Ice,” starring Iverson.

It’s a complete reprint of everything from the issue that originally dropped in March of 1999. The Iverson cover story, the features on Glen Rice, Dajuan Wagner, Ed Cota, Roger Brown, the ABA and a ridiculous pullout poster of Julius Erving. The old-school ads, the distinct 1990s design language, the sneakers that made footprints right before the millennium changed, it’s all in these pages.

Order your copy of SLAM 32 and step into a time machine with the SLAM Rewind Series.