Cookin’ Like the Chef

Stephen Curry has the smoothest jumpshot in the NBA. His handles make defenders get dizzy and he’s got cat-like quickness in the passing lanes. Curry dominates games with his blazing mental speed—he can read what the opposition is doing and react faster than anyone on the floor.

There’s some natural gifts in there, and playing ball with his father and brother his whole life has certainly helped, but one of Steph’s go-to training methods to improve his hand-eye coordination and thought process is the FITLIGHT Trainer™.

Curry uses FITLIGHT to gain the mental edge on his opponents by overloading his brain while he trains.

FITLIGHT™’s trying to improve lives by providing new training methods. Their mission is to “Move, Measure and Motivate.”

They make people move with their innovative FITLIGHTS. As each one goes off, he has to turn them off by either waving his hand over them or hitting them. His overall reaction time and his reaction time for each light is recorded.

When the FITLIGHT Trainer™ crew brought the lights into our office, we set up four of them on the floor. Using the Dashboard Tablet, we customized how we wanted to train. We went for the randomized program and decided to try our luck with just waving our hands over the lights, rather than having to hit the lights.

It was showtime. The lights started blinking right away, showing no mercy. They quickly changed and the 10-second trial run was a wrap too quickly. It was addicting. Needed another shot.

We went back to the Tablet and readjusted the settings, speeding up the activation time of the lights.

That’s not the only thing that can be customized, though. There are endless combinations of how many lights you use, how much time you to have hit them, which order they light up in and so much more. The Raptors have a wall with 50 FITLIGHTS on it. Curry, Nick Young, DeMar DeRozan and other hoopers use anywhere from 12 to 24 lights at a time. Curry puts them on a pole, while Young dives on the floor to use them.

After we were moving, it was time to measure our stats on the Tablet. We had set the reaction time between each light to a blazing fast 1.5 seconds and for all four of them, we were under that mark. In total, hitting the four lights in succession took just under 6 seconds, which looked a whole better than the rest of the times we recorded.

But we weren’t dribbling a basketball. We weren’t running around. We weren’t trying to catch a tennis ball and then turn those lights off.

FITLIGHT™ is all about motivation. You can share your stats with your friends, like Stephen does with his brother Seth. Stephen can see where Seth’s at and try to one-up him. Or if you’re just trying to get your own mind to react a little bit faster, you can easily compete with your friends by just tapping a few buttons on the Tablets. Move enough, motivate yourself, put in enough work and you could be cooking like the Chef.

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