Top-6 Traits of Great Basketball Shooters 💦

Shooting is arguably the most important skill in basketball, and our friends at Dr. Dish Basketball continue to hear the same question: “How do I become a better shooter?”

While you can’t discount the countless reps necessary to become a better shooter, you can train smarter by studying the top traits that all great shooters possess.

1. Detail-Oriented & Analytical

The days of aimlessly getting shots up in an organized setting are over. To become a great shooter, players have to focus on the details of their mechanics and analyze their shot over time. Every detail matters when becoming a great shooter. The arc, back spin, hand placement, footwork and weight distribution are all important factors to consistent shooting.

2. Hard-Working & Persistent

One trait that high school, college and professional coaches always look for is a hard-working basketball player. Players who are willing to put in the work to get better and get extra reps up will always have a leg up on the competition—especially when it comes to shooting. 

Great shooters also are very persistent. They always strive to be the best version of themselves and they never quit easily. Great shooters keep grinding even when shots aren’t falling and are always focusing and confident with a “next shot” mentality.

3. Never Satisfied & Obsessed With Improvement

Oftentimes coaches talk about the grind and never being satisfied, especially after experiencing success. Shooters will often take their foot off the pedal when they’ve reached goals or tasted success. This often leads to mediocrity.

To be a great shooter, it’s important to be obsessed with improvement and always look for ways to sharpen your skills.

4. Focused & Locked In

Becoming a great and successful shooter requires laser focus and discipline. This is especially true for young players as this will help develop habits in the future. Young athletes have school, friends, family and other important things they must balance outside of sports and this can be tough to manage.

Setting goals, being efficient and remaining locked in is the only way great shooters can achieve their full potential while still enjoying the process.

5. Competitive With A Positive Mindset

Promoting competition within training sessions and practice helps push teammates to be better and also makes sure every player keeps their edge. When shooters compete, they practice pressure situations similar to what is seen during game time.

Great shooters always keep a positive mindset through the wins, losses, successes and failures. They learn from their mistakes and continue to believe their next shot is always going in. Ultimately, what really sets great shooters apart is they’re always competing with themselves.

6. Accountable & Disciplined

Being accountable and disciplined are the most important traits a great shooter can have. Great shooters are honest with themselves on how hard they’re working and make sure that they’re in the gym working on their craft as much as possible.

Oftentimes, great shooters create separate off-season and in-season programs to follow and always find a way to execute the workouts they set out to complete. By holding themselves accountable, they’ll always see increased overall success shooting the basketball.

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