Andre Iguodala on Kevin Durant: ‘Must Be Fun Playing With a Guy Like That’

by June 01, 2016

The Golden State Warriors are expected to join the long list of suitors for Kevin Durant’s highly-coveted services during this summer’s free agency period, something Andre Iguodala may have inadvertently hinted at following a brutal seven-game war with the OKC Thunder.

KD, meanwhile, continues to be tight-lipped about his plans going forward.

Durant, 27, says he’s still getting over the pain of his team’s epic collapse against the Dubs in the Western Conference Finals.

Per the Bay Area News Group and ESPN:

“He made some really tough shots, which is what I expected,” Iguodala said of Durant. “He’s a fighter and competitor and fought to the end. It must be fun playing with a guy like that.” […] Iguodala quickly added a follow-up: “Unless I’m not playing with him.”


And while the topic of what’s next after such a nightmarish series collapse was one Durant had zero interest in discussing, come free-agency time, expect the 27-year-old to listen to, most notably, his agent Rich Kleiman of Roc Nation and his business manager and childhood friend Charlie Bell. […] “We will figure it out,” Durant said. “I will talk to my agent, my best friend and my dad. Just talk to those three guys and get some advice from other people. But for the most part, I will talk to them in the next couple of weeks. I don’t even know where my mind is right now. I can’t think about what is going to happen in a month. I’m just thinking about what we’ve all been through as a team and embrace my brothers right now.”


“He loves this team and wants to win in Oklahoma as bad as anybody,” Kleiman said. “He’s going to have to get over tonight and take everything day-by-day. […] They had an incredible run. They are as good as anybody in the league. They have a championship roster. Kevin is going to win his championship any year now. It just motivates him more. He’s locked in right now. We will just let him feel how he feels tonight and keep talking, keep building.”