Ben Simmons: ‘Not Many People Who Can Really Guard Me’

by September 28, 2017

Ben Simmons knows there aren’t too many people who can stay in front of him.

Sixers head coach Brett Brown is salivating at the prospect of having the 21-year-old lead his offense this season.

Simmons says he is a nightmare to matchup with.


“There’s not many people who can really guard me off the dribble the full length of the court,” he said. “It’s going to be a mismatch problem a lot of the time.”


Simmons isn’t bragging. He’s observing. NBA players are the elite of the elite, the best basketball players in the world. But few of them will be at his side when gets that rebound and then still be there when he reaches the other basket.


“We spent the whole summer guessing how they’re going to play him, who’s going to play him and we have a belief how it will play out. We’ll learn for sure when we play Washington on opening night,” Brown said.


Slowing the transition game, however, will be a lot easier to set as a goal than to achieve. Ben Simmons is going to be a handful at the point.


“This feels normal to me. [Brown] is the first coach to give me the opportunity,” Simmons said. “He obviously sees something in me, and I believe in myself … I’ve been playing pretty well.”