Draymond Green: ‘I Don’t Think I Set Illegal Screens’

by April 19, 2016

A common complaint from frustrated opposing fans is that the Golden State Warriors set a lot of illegal, moving screens to free up their dead-eye shooters.

James Harden hinted at the same thing following the Houston Rockets’ 104-78 Game 1 loss to the defending champs.

Draymond Green, though, swears that all of his screen-setting is perfectly legal.

Per the Bay Area News Group:

Houston Rockets star James Harden laughed when asked about seeing some moving screens in Game 1 against the Warriors that the officials didn’t call. […] “What do you think?” Harden said Sunday. “You saw it.”


“I don’t think I set illegal screens,” Green said. “We set screens just like anybody else. My guys get open shots because they got two of the quickest releases in the NBA. Everybody else in the NBA sets the same screens we set. They just don’t got the shooters we got. That ain’t my fault. I mean, like I can’t shoot like Klay (Thompson) and Steph (Curry) either. Am I supposed to cry about it? No, you do what you can do. It ain’t our fault they can’t get it up their shot off as quick as Klay and Steph can. So big deal. Go find somebody that can shoot that quick. I don’t care.


“I’d rather you have my last dollar than I have it. That’s how I’ve always been. I look at a screen like that. I’d rather me help you get a shot than I get a shot. So if I’m helping you get a shot, I feel good about that.”