Goran Dragic Says the Suns Are Not ‘Really Loyal’

by January 06, 2016

Former Suns guard Goran Dragic was asked for his thoughts on the dysfunction in Phoenix, and Dragic did not hold back.

Dragic says the Suns’ front-office has no semblance of a plan and that they lack the loyalty shown by more successful franchises.

The 29-year-old forced his way out of Arizona and was traded to South Beach last season.

Per Yahoo! Sports:

Dragic is too concerned with his own adjustments in helping Miami regain a spot among the Eastern Conference elite to be overly consumed with the situation in Phoenix. But he has his own theory for why a franchise that seemed so promising is suddenly foundering, based on his own experience with the Suns.


“It feels like they’re always changing something,” Dragic said. “They’re not like Miami, San Antonio, those teams that are really loyal when they find something.”


While claiming “no regrets” about his Suns tenure, Dragic remains disappointed by the ending, which he claims was the result of too much tinkering – primarily at point guard, a position the 6-foot-3 Slovenian had already proven he could handle. Dragic made it work after the team traded for point guard Eric Bledsoe in July 2013 and helped the Suns emerge as that overachieving darling. But Dragic was pushed away further from the ball – and inevitably, the team – the following season, when the Suns added another ball-dominant guard, Isaiah Thomas, in July. […] “Me and Bledsoe, we built really great chemistry together, we played well and the whole team did. Everybody expected that we’re going to get some big guys that we thought we needed, but they did another move, they bring in a point guard and it was tough,” Dragic said. “I was a little bit frustrated. It was tough, especially for me, because I was playing off the ball all the time, and I was guarding [small forwards]. That was tough for me, but they did what they did.”