Gregg Popovich Moves on from Tim Duncan: ‘He’s Gone’

by September 15, 2016

Now that Tim Duncan is no longer in the picture, don’t expect the San Antonio Spurs to change their way of doing things.

Head coach Gregg Popovich says the team’s culture and philosophy will remain intact.

Pop has learned to accept the fact that Duncan is no longer a part of the organization.

Per the Express-News:

“He’s gone,” Popovich said this week. “I’ve put it out of my mind.”


At least Popovich is doing something familiar as he takes the first step toward another season. He and his staff leave for the West Coast on Friday for their annual retreat, where, as Popovich said, “the arguing will begin.” […] Otherwise, Popovich says this is business as usual. “Same culture, same philosophy,” he said. “I only know what I know. We’ll hang our hat on defense. We just don’t have the greatest power forward of all-time playing for us anymore.”


Popovich has told Duncan to come around, to be here, to do what he wants. “If he wants to go on a scouting trip, fine. If he wants his own station in training camp, he has it. He’s in charge. He can tell me exactly what he wants to do. But I’m not paying him a penny.” […] Most in the organization think Duncan will eventually join the franchise in a full-time capacity. They guess he won’t coach but will instead focus on personnel. Duncan has long been intrigued by the methods that Popovich and (general manager R.C.) Buford use to identify talent.

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