Jordan Clarkson on Kobe Bryant: ‘Almost Like Breaking Up With Your Girlfriend’

by November 11, 2016

The Los Angeles Lakers have moved on from Kobe Bryant, and Jordan Clarkson jokingly compares it to “breaking up” with a girlfriend.

Clarkson and the rest of his young teammates are playing an exciting brand of hoops that’s given Laker Nation a sense of renewed hope.

The squad has fully bought into new head coach Luke Walton’s message.

Per USA Today:

When I sat down with Clarkson for a brief interview outside the Jurassic Cafe, I asked if he misses Bryant’s presence in practice or games. The 24-year-old laughed in the middle of his answer.


“We’ve kind of moved on. It’s almost like breaking up with your girlfriend,” he said. “It’s kind of weird without them around and stuff. But it’s just us. We’re in our own space now. We’re creating something new.”


Both (D’Angelo) Russell and (Nick) Young have started every game so far under the guidance of Walton, who won championships as a player with the Lakers in 2009 and 2010. […] “He’s just cool. He’s one of us. He played, and he’s still young,” Clarkson said. “We can relate more to him than anything. He listens to the same music we listen to. It’s like having one of your friends guide you and be around. He’s definitely honest, he’s tough at times, but he’s real free and lets us learn from our mistakes.”

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