Report: Durant To Take $4 Million Paycut To Help Warriors Re-Sign Iguodala

by June 19, 2017
kevin durant andre iguodala

Warriors forward Kevin Durant will reportedly renegotiate his contract with the Warriors to make it easier for the team to re-sign Andre Iguodala this summer.

According to ESPN, Durant will turn down his $27.7 million player option for next season and re-sign for approximately $4 million less than his max number.

The 2017 NBA Finals MVP will turn down a player-option salary of approximately $28 million to momentarily hit free agency with the intentions of taking less than the max he’s eligible for as a 10-year veteran.


This is in order to improve the Warriors’ chances of re-signing reserve stud Andre Iguodala, league sources told ESPN.


By Durant taking about $4 million less than his max next year and waiting to get his long-term extension for at least another season, the Warriors would be able to use their Bird rights on an Iguodala deal that is far more comparable to what he’d see on the open market.

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