Kevin Durant ‘Guarantees’ an MVP for Giannis Antetokounmpo

by June 27, 2017
giannis durant mvp

The NBA handed out its regular-season awards on Monday during the Leagueโ€™s inaugural NBA Awards Show.

Afterward, Kevin Durant sent out his congratulations to the winners, including the 2016-17 Most Improved Player, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Durant saidย “it’s guaranteed” that Giannis will win MVP in the future. Via Durant’s YouTube:

“Congrats on MIP, this dude is a specimen that we’ve never seen before and it’s guaranteed that he will be an MVP one day! In fact, I called out this years MVP years ago so you gotta respect my knowledge for the game lol.


“Huge congrats to Russell Westbrook on MVP, that boy went out there and was a created player on 2k all year, Fuckin balled out. Gotta respect it!” […]


“Shoutout my boy James Harden. For 5 years now he’s taken his game to the next level, he will be an MVP one day, he’s an MVP now, he’s made so many people proud. I know this first hand, recognize what he has done for the game!”

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