Klay Thompson: ‘I’ve Been in Trade Rumors Forever’

by August 24, 2017

Before sending Kyrie Irving to Beantown, the Cavs reportedly tried to see if they could get Klay Thompson in return, and the Warriors star says he’s grown used to the fact that he’s constantly being discussed in trade rumors.

Thompson appreciates that so far, Golden State has resisted all attempts from rival teams to lure him away.

Klay knows that only a few players in the NBA are truly untouchable.

Per The Athletic (via RealGM):

“It’s really cool,” he said. “It shows the Warriors believe in me and these other teams want me to be a part of their success. So I appreciate it. I’ve been in trade rumors forever. Everyone has. Except for maybe LeBron James, Steph [Curry] — well, even Steph early in his career. It’s part of the business. It is flattering and I do appreciate it.”


Thompson was asked about his involvement in trade rumors.


“Yeah. They’re just rumors. You gotta deal with that as a professional. The only untouchables in this league, there might be like five or six of them. Other than that, you have to expect it. When you hear the rumors, it means you’re wanted. You’re doing something right. Look at the bright side. But I’m happy I’m still with the Warriors. I hope to be here my whole career. It’s a great place to play.”

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