LeBron James Asked the Cavs Not to Party Too Much in L.A.

by March 14, 2016

With the Cleveland Cavaliers about to embark on a two-game road trip through Los Angeles starting last Thursday, LeBron James approached his teammates and reminded them to keep their focus despite being in the Hollywood playground.

It seems to have worked, as the Cavs beat both the Lakers and Clippers.

LeBron said this was a “business trip” for his squad.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal and NEOMG:

After enjoying four days at a posh Beverly Hills hotel and L.A. nightlife, an early start Sunday and the Daylight Savings Time change, it was fair to wonder what type of condition the Cavaliers would be in for a matinee against one of the West’s best. […] Even Clippers coach Doc Rivers acknowledged the possibilities before the game. He didn’t believe the early start and time change would have an impact, “unless L.A. did its job [Saturday] night,” he joked before exiting the interview room while clapping “let’s go L.A.”


“(LeBron’s) main message was that this is a business trip,” J.R. Smith said. “Are we going to have fun? Absolutely, but first things first. We’re going to take care of business, and that’s playing the way we know how to play. Fortunately, we took heed of his message and played the way we were supposed to.”


“Guys understood what this trip was about,” James said. “This is a business trip and they get an opportunity to be in a great city but at the end of the day, we knew what the main thing was and that was to continue the momentum that we’ve been on. We came out and took care of business.”