Nick Young Plans to Shoot Game-Winning Shots for the Warriors

by September 27, 2017

Nick Young has never met a shot he didn’t like, and regardless of the game situation or who’s on the floor with him during his first season with the Golden State Warriors, Young will continue to let it fly.

Swaggy P jokes (we think) that he won’t hesitate to pull the trigger on game-winning shots even if Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are screaming for the rock.

The defending NBA champs actually want the 32-year-old to be far less gun-shy than he’s been in practice so far.

Per the AP:

Nick Young passed up a shot, and then another, uncharacteristic of the charismatic guard with a sweet stroke.


“We had to remind him, like, ’Listen man, you’ve gotta shoot, be you,’” [Andre] Iguodala said. “Shaun Livingston and myself are going to put him in a position where he won’t have to worry about where his shots are going to come from or if he’s going to be able to get as many attempts as he would like. We’re going to make life a lot easier for him and we’re going to make basketball fun for him, too.”


Now, they all are eager for him to get comfortable — and fast. The Warriors open the preseason schedule at home Saturday against Denver before a trip to China to face the Timberwolves twice, Oct. 5 and 8.


“I’ve been saying the same thing to Nick, ’Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it,’” [Steve] Kerr said. “The whole thing for any of our new guys is to understand that we want the first good shot we can find. If we don’t have a good shot, try to get a great shot but let’s keep the ball moving but be aggressive and find that balance. I don’t want Nick out there thinking. He’s one of the best shooters in the league and he should let it fly every time he’s open. And then as he gets more comfortable with the guys he’ll understand where those opportunities will come, when to move the ball on and when to shoot it.”