Penny Hardaway Acknowledges Interest From College Programs To Be Coach

by February 21, 2018

Former NBA All-Star Penny Hardaway has found much success as a head coach, leading powerhouse Memphis East high school to two straight state titles and running a successful Nike-affiliated AAU program called Team Penny.

Which is why speculation has mounted that Hardaway could make the jump to the college level, filling a vacancy at Ole Miss or taking over at his alma mater, Memphis.

In an interview with SEC Country, Hardaway acknowledged that college programs have expressed interest, and said he “brings a lot to the table” as a candidate:

“It’s a huge compliment for any college to even think about wanting me to come in. I feel like I bring a lot to the table even though I haven’t coached college,” he told SEC Country on Monday after his team’s practice. “I feel like my NBA experience and the coaches I’ve had over the years, I’ve learned enough to be a head coach in college. But I’m really enjoying this right now and coaching these guys.”

Hardaway obviously has an incredible understanding of the game, and both of his current high school rosters are stacked with talented, highly coveted recruits.

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