Raymond Felton Finds it ‘Disrespectful’ No One is Talking About the Blazers

by January 05, 2012

You may not realize it, but the Portland TrailBlazers currently sit atop the Western Conference standings (LaMarcus Aldrdidge tried to warn us all), and Raymond Felton says the team’s relative anonymity suits them just fine. Or maybe not so much. Per the Oregonian: “Chances are Thursday night’s national broadcast of the Los Angeles Lakers and Trail Blazers on TNT will feature a heavy dose of Kobe Bryant this, Andrew Bynum that. A little Pau Gasol and Mike Brown here and a little Lamar Odom and Phil Jackson there. You know, Lakers, Lakers, Lakers. And that’s just fine with the Blazers, the team with the best record in the Western Conference. ‘Not a lot of people are saying much about Portland,’ Blazers guard Raymond Felton said. ‘They ain’t talkin’ about Portland making the playoffs. I like just where we are. I like us staying under the radar. So we don’t want nobody talking about us on the T.V. Nothing. Even though it’s a little disrespectful, that’s OK. It just fuels us. We are just going to continue to play hard.'”