Stephen Curry: ‘Curry Two Low Chefs Are Fire’

by June 12, 2016

The internet had a field day roasting the the new Under Armour Curry Two Low ‘Chef’ sneakers beginning on Thursday night (June 9), but Steph got the last laugh when he went out and dropped 38 to lead the Warriors to a Game 4 win.

After the game, the reigning MVP was asked about the sneaker criticism and whether or not he had seen or heard any of the jokes made at his sneaker’s expense. Steph did not wear the kicks during the game but did say he would have had he had them with him while on the road.

From Marcus Thompson and the Mercury News

Stephen Curry heard all the criticism. He saw all the Tweets, the funny Instagram posts at his expense. And, as always does, he responded.


“If I had them in the road bag I would have definitely worn them and showed you how fire they are,” he said of his newly released sneakers, which garnered rampant criticism on social media.