Stephen Curry: ‘We All Think We’re the Best Player’

by September 14, 2016

Stephen Curry has been cautious when answering questions about the lofty expectations he and the Warriors face this upcoming season. He’s said all along that things will work out, but that it won’t be completely smooth sailing.

He stood firm on that recently. While at a private fundraising event, the two-time MVP was asked about the addition of Kevin Durant. Here’s more from CBS Sports:

“It’s going to work,” Curry said about the addition of Durant during a private fundraiser at TechCrunch Disrupt on Tuesday for the Africa-based malaria-prevention campaign Nothing but Nets he works with. “It’s going to be a huge transition. But I would say we had such a great dynamic with the ‘Strength in Numbers’ and the depth that we had on our team and obviously we had to give up a lot of that to get KD, so it will be a different way of going about our style.


“There are plenty of shots to go around,” Curry continued. “There are plenty of opportunities for everybody to shine. And obviously for us, we have healthy egos and that we all think, you know, we’re the best player, we’re confident when we go out there. But the only real objective is to win and if we don’t win, we know what that feeling’s like now and we don’t want that feeling.


“It will work. It will take some time to get in training camp to figure out.”

With that much individual talent, it’ll be hard to lose. There will be kinks to figure out, especially on offense. Curry and Thompson averaged a combined 37 shots a game last season. Durant averaged nearly 20 attempts. But Curry says sacrificing looks won’t be necessary.

“No,” Curry said when asked if he will take less shots. “I did the math though. I did some advanced analytics. There are plenty of shots to go around. Obviously when KD came, some guys left so there are some shots [available]. Me and Klay average a certain amount. I know what KD averaged last year in Oklahoma City so it all fits into a full game’s worth of shots. We will figure it out.”